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Locate a Local Current Event Article Demonstrating an Ethical Dilemma and Discuss

  • Each discussion post must be a minimum of 6 sentences each.
    Module 02 Discussion – Locate a Local Current Event Article Demonstrating an Ethical Dilemma and Discuss
    Search for a current event (within the last year) within your community. For your initial post, identify the fact that creates an ethical issue, state what value or ethical concern is involved, and conclude how the issues should be resolved; all without a specific philosophy involved. Be sure and include a link to the story.
    2. Week 02 Discussion – Mineral Properties
    Geologists use the minerals present in a rock to identify not only the type of rock (igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic) but also the specific name of the rock (for example, granite, chert, amphibolite). Of the many physical properties that geologists use to identify minerals in the field, choose one that you think would be the most useful. (Refer to your reading for the week and your explorations at the Smithsonian website.) Share your choice and your reasoning behind this selection to try and convince your classmates of your choice.
    3. Discussion post 3
    In this junior seminar, you are reviewing and exploring information literacy. The earlier seminar courses that you may have taken have had as their focus communication and critical thinking. For this week’s discussion posting,
    1. In two or three sentences, please summarize what you have learned about information literacy so far in your earlier courses and in this seminar.
    2. Then explain how information literacy is a set of skills that builds or relies upon an expansion of communication and critical thinking skills. In other words, why are communication and critical thinking concepts needed for good information literacy? For example, if good information literacy includes the ability to integrate materials from external sources into a persuasive paper that you are writing to an audience, how does good communication enhance that? Or for critical thinking, how does the ability to compare and contrast competing ideas lead to better information literacy?
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