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A research essay on the movie “Avatar(2009)”

This is a critical analysis of the film. Do NOT include a summary of the film.
Introduction includes a specific thesis statement, title in italics of film, director, and release year.
Body includes examples from film.
Include quotes from the film as evidence.
Conclusion includes restated thesis, summary, ending, impact, and reflection.
You must include at least 10-12 researched sources. You must then incorporate this material into the paper and cite the sources correctly in the paper.
The sources should then be listed correctly using the SPA format as a References/Works Cited page.
You MUST also write about two techniques of the film.
Think about:
a. How are the aliens represented? How do the humans react?
b. Key terms and ideas in class.
c. What is the film’s message? Any underlying theme?
d. How does it affect society?


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