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Are the NAPE Code of Ethics compatible with circular economy?

This paper is a part of Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement

For the following topic write a 3,000-word paper (about ten pages of text content, which does not include tables of contents, footnotes, end notes, references, etc. required by APA6). If needed, further research can be done if appropriately referenced.
At least three external references are required as part of the research.
SELECTED TOPIC: Lean, Sustainability and Circular Economics
Resource :
Ellen MacArthur Foundation Building Blocks
https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/circular-economy/building-blocks NAPE Code of Ethics.
1. From the link above, Select at least one case study from three blocks, provide a summary of events and how well the case study exemplified the purpose for the related block. This should include the challenges faced and how those challenges were overcome.
2. Were any NAPE Code of Ethics tenets violated or bypassed, and how?
3. Are the NAPE Code of Ethics compatible with circular economy?
4. Were the hypothesis tests declared in the studies, and were these statistically valid (i.e. no “hand-waving”)?

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