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Based on a service user statement, critically analyses a social issue, highlighting theoretical perspectives, practice implications and personal reflection.

“I have felt like a freak- you know, the name-calling- from neighbors- folk who are just ignorant of mental illness. We are now trying to break down some of the stigma, because people don’t really understand- they are scared. Mental illness is so different to a physical illness, because a physical illness you can see, with your eyes- if you’ve a broken leg or arm. But with certain types of depression- you cannot see it; no one can see it. So it’s hard.”
Sally (quoted in Cree and Davis, 2007, p. 65)

Service users statement should flow all through the essay

  • Explain the differentiation of one of your assessment for learning tasks (either assumptive or formative) to suit the needs of diverse learners. You should include a discussion of how the task has been differentiated and what you intend the differentiated task to achieve. You may choose the type of learner for whom you are differentiating.
    Discuss the evidence-based pedagogical strategies included in your unit of work to support higher order thinking.
    • Discuss the way in which your formative assessment tasks can be used by students to improve their performance and by teachers to evaluate the success of the curriculum
    • Critically evaluate the resources you have collected for their effectiveness in teaching this Area of Study
    • Correctly reference sources using SPA format.
    See the attachment as a frame of reference. The first attachment is the previous assignment using assumptive and formative assessment types to teach and assess student’s for Psychology classes. Please elaborate more on how this contributes to higher order learning (Bloom’s Taxonomy). The second attachment is the criteria (aim for HF (highly distinguished).
    Please use specific and UN-ambiguous sentences at the master’s level.






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