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Create a Critical Thinking Handbook.

Each week in this class you were exposed to different elements of critical thinking. Some things might have been a simple review for you while others were concepts to which you might not have been aware. You were asked at the start of this course to begin a critical thinking diary in which you summarized the key points each week, define in your own words and provide examples to support those definitions. Your textbook along with other readings provided you with additional information.Now it is time to compile all your weekly entries into your Critical Thinking Handbook. Remember, each element in the Handbook will need to be properly cited and referenced. In addition to the course textbook, you also were required to use one additional scholarly source.Check your Handbook before submitting to be sure that you have included the necessary elements from each assignment in your handbook, and that you have scrupulously followed the rules of Academic Integrity in appropriately paraphrasing and citing anything ideas you drew from the text or outside resources. Support your paper with at least seven scholarly references. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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