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Create a Learning Portfolio of Writing.

SECTION ONE: A discussion of how your identity as a writer and your understanding of the processes of written composition have developed during the language and literacy unit. In addition to citing supporting references to the literature,draw on entries in your writer’s journal ( observe aspects of an environment that is very familiar to you and describe objects through ‘snippets’ of writing in your journal) and at least three pieces of polished writing developed from your writer’s journal about things to demonstrate your self-exploration as a writer (800 words).

A note about where to place your polished pieces in the assignment. Give each piece a title and append them at the end of section 1. When referring to each piece in the text reference the title.

SECTION TWO:Explain how this emerging self-knowledge as a writer, might inform the way you could work with students to develop their writing. Justify your approach with reference to research evidence and academic citations (500 words).

SECTION THREE: Create a multi modal text as 2-3 pages of an information book or elaborate poster and explain how the interaction of two or more semiotic systems construct meaning in your text (500 words, excluding the multi modal text).

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