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evaluate the processing and preservation systems used in food manufacture (Pasteurization)

I have chosen to do pasteurization on milk
1. Background information on technique (pasteurization)
2. Why specific technique has been chosen (what purpose does it serve in milk) – How does pasteurization help preserve milk etc,.
Do not need to or include how pasteurization machine itself works.

The Portfolio is a 3000 word assessment designed to assess your understanding of the theory behind the topic of Emotional Intelligence, your ability to apply this theoretical knowledge to yourself, and to reflect upon the implications of this in the context of work. The portfolio also examines basic skills for identifying appropriate employment opportunities and presenting yourself, and the unique skills which make you suitable for that position, to potential employers. The portfolio will comprise 3 sections, each of which are marked separately and which are outlined below.

Section 1: Emotional Intelligence (1000 words, 40%)
• Define emotional intelligence and explain why this is important in workplace psychology.
just need section 1 (1000 words).

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