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Final Individual Project – Warwick Gap Analysis.

This project has a small 10 pt Deliverable, which is a topic. (I added a request for a 1 pg summary to my order in order to compensate you for this separate deliverable)

“First Step – Topic Approval (worth up to 10 points)
Consider what you want your team performance improvement topic to be about starting in week two. This assignment requires a paragraph that must be at least six sentences (this is the bare minimum) and one reference (SPA style). Use a topic from personal experience such as a workplace event that could be improved with better teamwork, perhaps an event in your personal life such as with an organization for which you volunteer, even “special” events that could benefit from improved teamwork. Put yourself in the leadership position and write this paragraph about what you want to improve. Please contact the instructor should you have any questions. Any submission not meeting requirements will be returned to the author and not be graded until it meets expectations”

I work in Healthcare Security Management and so perhaps the topic can focus on a situation in which a patient eloped from the Emergency Department during a 72 Hour Psych Hold due to a failure in communication from ED Staff to Security Supervisor to Security Officer regarding the status of the patient and their ability to freely ambulate based on mental illness and suicidal idealizations.

I have noticed that you have previously written a number of papers focusing on the healthcare and pharmacy world, so I hope that this will be easy for you. If you have questions or concerns or alternate topic ideas which are more conducive to your efforts … please reach out to me.


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