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Identify two opening exercises that you might recommend for a group of adolescent girls who were victims of human trafficking.

Please do a 2–page paper, identify two opening exercises that you might recommend for a group of adolescent girls who were victims of human trafficking.
• Describe the exercises in detail so that another social worker would be able to implement them.
• Explain ways these exercises might be effective in creating a comfortable environment for these teenage girls.
• Support your rationale with the literature. For example, what does the literature say about teenage girls who have been arrested for prostitution/human trafficking and who openly discuss their experiences?
• How do these exercises promote group cohesion and encourage these teens to talk openly?

Use this as one of the references Schlemiel, C. J., & Jacobs, E. (2011). When leaders are challenged: Dealing with involuntary members in groups. Journal for Specialists in Group Work, 36(2), 144–158.

Essay title: The Entrepreneur: Hero or Villain
Research a relatively unknown or a fictitious (that is, from fiction literature or
movies) entrepreneur who is/was either a hero or villain (or both).
Write an essay with an overview of the entrepreneur’s life and
accomplishments, and (most important part) an analysis of their
entrepreneurial profile using entrepreneurship theories/approaches discussed
in this module.
1. Word count: 2000 words
2. Structure: There is no set structure for the essay. You could choose to
have subsections or not. However, a good essay would usually have an
Introduction and Conclusion independent of whether they appear with
headings or not.
3. Choice of character. Your choice of entrepreneur is entirely up to you,
unless you are clearly choosing someone that is not an entrepreneur.
Students in the past have chosen a wide range of entrepreneurs from
fictional characters such as Walter White (Breaking Bad) to real life
entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma (Alibi).
4. References: There is no set referencing style for this essay. Consistency is
key. Please choose a style you feel comfortable with and use it
consistently both in the body of the essay and in your referencing list.
5. You will be assessed on:
a. Structure
b. Scope
c. Substance
d. Presentation (See marking criteria in the next page for more details)

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