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Prepare a reflection paper that addresses the following:

“PR Reflection Paper” Signature Assignment #1: Communication Skills Demonstration

Rubric and the grading rubric is within the attachment and what I sent you is the following directing for this paper but the grading rubric is in the attachment. Also, the syllabus is in the attachment as well which you can locate the instructions for this assignment under “Signature Assignment #1: Communication Skills Demonstration”. Please let me know if you have any questions.  I can attach some PowerPoint we discussed in class as well. Signature Assignment #1: Communication Skills Demonstration B. Reflection Paper Each student will have an opportunity to act in all roles. Students will prepare a reflection paper that addresses the following (be sure to address course concepts and skills in your analysis – use social work language):1. I learned…2. I found that my strengths are….3. Areas that I will continue to work on in my advanced year…4. The learning opportunity that most surprised me was…5. My biggest challenge was…6. What were my challenges when I received feedback? 7. The most important learning opportunity that I experienced as a result of these activities was…Instructions for writing Reflection Papers: This is the part of the assignment that will be graded. These questions should be answered thoughtfully and critically and in depth. There is no specific page recommendation; however, papers under 5 pages in length are likely to be insufficient.

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