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Prepare and share with their team a brief (maximum 500 – 750 word) report that examines whether, how, and why strategic management is/could/should be relevant and important for the specialization they have pursued in this degree program.

Human Resources Management. I have attached all the readings that you will need to complete this assignment. Please have a very strong thesis as I have to combine this with my teammates paper. Also have a few references. You must use information from the readings I attached in addition to scholarly articles that are similar.

Fifteen takes on California

Once you have selected your essay, please download and complete the Critical Essay Outline Template Preview the document.

In your Outline Template,

Determine what is most important in the essay you selected and summarize the main argument.
Convert brainstorming ideas into a workable outline as part of the writing process.
Use appropriate academic writing tone, style, correct grammar, spelling, and sentence mechanics.
Apply structural components of outlining format to continue essay development.


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