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Review and discuss an article that sheds light on the conditions that lead to the “freedom with fences” (the ability to be innovative and creative within certain prescribed boundaries) organization.

Provide a “map” to a new reading that addresses each of the problems numbered below (1-4). Length will be shaped by thoroughness. Avoid outlining your chosen article or filling it with lists. Submit the original articles you used as PDF documents.

Format ( follow the format below for each of the 4 questions below):

Major theme of the essay:
Arguments used to support this theme:
Ideas that support the problem under review:
Discussion of the problem:


1. If the SO is to be valued as a strategic actor, how can he bring to the table the ethos of alignment, bound to the demands of process strategic planning to move IT to the forefront of the organization’s future? Select an article to review that assists in our understanding of this problem.

2. Review and discuss an article that sheds light on the conditions that lead to the “freedom with fences” (the ability to be innovative and creative within certain prescribed boundaries) organization.

3. You are the new SO of a large wholesale manufacturing firm. The CFO has historically “run the numbers” for the IT component, but projects have always been pitched more for their aesthetic value over Roi. Present a review of an article for your CFO, CEO, and disseminate to your IT staff, on how you would like to frame the IT fiscal with a logic for doing so.

4. Review an article that discusses the benefits and risks, and how we can anticipate an overall positive Roi for conversion to a cloud based platforms.

The references below CAN NOT BE USED as they have already been taken & are not allowed ( Please choose new article & references )!

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