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Using the framework described by Henson (2007) analyze your issue or concern fully using the steps in the model.

1)Using the framework described by Henson (2007) analyze your issue or concern fully using the steps in the model.The frame work is 1)Identify the level of policy analysis:Macro, meson or micro-level 2)Use a nursing Meta-paradigm to frame policy analysis that focuses on a)Person (humanistic perceptive). b)Health c)Environment d)Nursing or other health professional discipline 3)Examine the policy environment a)understanding of policy environment b)Response to organization’s policy environment c)Manner in which organization’s policy is shaped 4)Develop an understanding of the manner in which the policy is developed 5)Examine original sources of information generated during the policy development process to include parliamentary speeches, debates, official reports and statistics.Each policy document should be analyzed to a)Develop a summary description of the main policy aims or objectives b)Establish the status of the policy documents in comparison to other relevant documents c)identify central policy themes d)identify the area of practice impacted 2)Provide a clear and succinct statement of your position or view on the rising cost of prescription drugs in healthcare or concern you have chosen to focus on.3)What is your proposed alternative(s) to the current health policy 4)What implications does your policy alternative as stated above have for nursing or advanced practice nursing and how can nursing help to get it implemented.5)Use evidenced based documents, journals, legislation as the data sources for your paper.

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