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Writing Personal Resume for application as adviser.

Explanation of the require Content of a personal resume ( as Paragraphs explained below)
Paragraph 1
Personal Details
Full name, age, nationality, marital status, address… etc. of personal information.

Paragraph 2
Degrees owned, more details and focus about the MBA degree especially the title of the thesis which concern in healthcare management.

Paragraph 3
Employment history, more focus on the jobs in NARA and the role of healthcare facilities auditor then the role as training and development administrator in MPH.
Focus in details on the auditor role and the achievements done.

Paragraph 4
Personal characteristic
Capabilities & competences, type of personality, expected employment role … etc.

Paragraph 5
Future vision
What can do, expected role in the job. Focus about the auditing role and link how to manage and develop the healthcare facility. Moreover help in HR aspect in the facility

Note: CV attached, you can contact for more details. Competent Resume required.

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