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Describe a specific tool you could use to develop the team’s self-assessment skills.

Using the completed PF CC tool, describe the strengths and/or weaknesses of the organization for each domain.C.  Identify one area of improvement from the weaknesses identified in part B2.1.  Create a strategy to increase patient-contentedness in the organization by addressing the weakness from part C.a.  Discuss how you would apply either system theory or change theory in the development of your strategy to address the chosen weakness.2.  Discuss the financial implications of implementing this strategy.3.  Discuss the methods you will use to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy.D.  Create a multidisciplinary team by identifying the following: •Potential members that will assist you in implementing the identified strategy •The role of each team member 1.  Discuss how cultural diversity within the team supports patient-centered, culturally competent care.2.  Using one of the leadership theories below, discuss the leadership style you would utilize in developing your team: •Transaction leadership •Transformation leadership •Emotional leadership •Traditional leadership 3.  Discuss how the team will work together to implement the strategy to address the weakness identified in part C1.4.  Describe how the team will communicate the identified strategy and intended outcomes to the healthcare organization. 5.  Describe a specific tool you could use to develop the team’s self-assessment skills.


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