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How complex factors affects the health and well-being and health delivery in Wolverhampton?

  1. This assessment is a case study in Wolverhampton, in the UK, provide full background, include statistics of ethnicity.2. Please provide a good introduction and conclusion of this essay.3. Discuss the background (demographic, ethic background, genetics, cultural background, life expectancy, cause of deaths)in Wolverhampton.3. How complex factors affects the health and well-being and health delivery in Wolverhampton?4.Discuss framework and policies of inter-agency and its definition.5. Identify the priorities and needs of Wolverhampton based on the JANA(Joint Strategic Needs Assessment) report. Choose 2 or 3 priorities and explain how inter-agency meeting and solving these needs.6. Who are the inter-agencies working together to tackle the needs of this community?7. What is the role of Health watch in Wolverhampton and how they engage with other agencies and multi-disciplinary teams?8. Explain the leadership structure of Health watch and inter-agencies in Wolverhampton who are working to address the needs of this community. Are their goals being met?9. What are the positive and negative impact of this leadership to Wolverhampton?10. What are the strength and opportunities of this inter-agency in Wolverhampton?11. Are there any challenges for the inter-agencies to meet the needs of this community such as funding, power sharing, risk assessment, staffing issues, communication barriers, workload, incompetence, etc?12. How do they implement their strategies to meet the needs of the community in Wolverhampton? Are these inter-agency effective in meeting Wolverhampton needs?13. Compare Wolverhampton to other boroughs in the UK in terms of complex factors in multi-cultural communities.14. Please provide a good conclusion for this case study.15. Please use JANA report as one of the reference to explain the priorities in Wolverhampton.16. Give at least 2 books including Little child and Smith (2013) and useful website in answering this assessment.


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