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Using the example of the technology you have selected to study (you may discuss another technology if you so wish) consider the following;

The technological device that I had previously discussed was the mobile phone. Please feel free to use this technological device for this assignment.1) Drawing upon the required readings on ANT, describe the key network of human and non-human octants that enable the successful working of the technology or technological system you have selected to study.2) Consider some of the sources of friction or resistance that trouble the successful functioning of a technology/system you have selected to discuss.3) Consider the script associated with the use of this technology/system (the actions that are prescribed or delegated to human and non-human octants.4) If possible, find a video that illustrates the breakdown of the script or actor-network associated with the technology you<br>are studying.5) Comment on one (1) other post on the discussion forum. The key aim is to help fellow classmates with the analysis of a technology/technological system.Your initial post should be between 200-300 words.

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