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What is Tyler’s diagnosis? What are his symptoms that would support this diagnosis?

The clinical vignette for modules 7, 8, & 9 is listed below. Please diagnose the individual, and list the symptoms you used to support your diagnosis. Make sure to review the criteria from the book and power point slides before you submit. Grades will be based on the accuracy of the diagnosis and the symptoms you identify to support it.  Please provide your answers in a document and attach as a submission.Tyler is a 22 y/o college senior at CU Davis. He is referred to you for therapy by the campus health center. Tyler’s clothes appear dirty and disheveled, and he tends to not make eye contact and to giggle at inappropriate times throughout the session. Much of his behavior and speech patterns throughout the session are difficult to understand.Tyler also mentions several times that the police have been tracking his movements for the past year. He states, “They’ve tormented me almost daily by hiding in trees and taking my picture, and have implanted a mind-control device so I’m unable to think my own thoughts.” Although he denies ever seeing them he is quite certain that he’s correct in his beliefs. When you ask if he could be mistaken he accuses you of being a plant of the local police department and that you stand up and let him check your pockets.The Health Center has sent medical records also detailing Tyler’s tendency to have a flat affect at times and having become more and more isolated over the past year. He is also at risk of failing out of school and losing his housing due to his behaviors.What is Tyler’s diagnosis?What are his symptoms that would support this diagnosis? Make sure to be very specific in your description of the symptoms.

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