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Modes of p53 Regulation

How to Prepare the REVIEW of the article “Modes of p53 Regulation”.1.   Read the scientific article. Please INCLUDE Figures 2 AND 4 to guide your review. 2.Address the following points in your review: a.  Use the “Introduction” to provide a summary of WHY p53 is important, AND describe some of the interesting questions related to p53 activity & function. b.  Summarize the “Classical Model” of p53 ACTIVATION presented on pages 612-613 (text related to FIGURE 2). c.Provide a very brief definition (i.e. 2-3 sentences AT MOST) of the following terms: LACERATION, TINTINNABULATION, LAMENTATION, SUMMATION & NONEDUCATIONAL. d.Summarize the “Refined Model” of p53 ACTIVATION presented on pages 616-618 (text related to FIGURE 4).

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