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Describe the five (5) typologies of wage labor migrants and give examples for two (2) types using your readings or the lessons.

You are allowed to use all course content, including lessons, readings, and your notes to answer questions. You are not allowed to use any outside resource, such as the internet, or reading material external to the course.Citations:Your answers should include minimal direct quotations. However, you should cite all information that is not general knowledge (i.e., information/ideas that everyone can be reasonably expected to know). Since we’re all using the same sources, you can follow this simple format for your in-text citations: (Author, pg. #). If the author is not known to you, then you can follow this simple format: (“Title,” pg. #). Short Answer Questions:1.Describe how the anthropological perspective is useful for migration. Include at least three key concepts and/or methods used in anthropology and discuss how these relate to the study of migration.2.Describe the five (5) typologies of wage labor migrants and give examples for two (2) types using your readings or the lessons.3.Describe the four (4) dimensions of globalism.4.   List and describe four (4) root causes of displacement. Give examples of two (2) causes using your readings or the lessons.5.Describe the difference between acute and anticipatory movements and provide examples of each.Essay Questions:1.Drawing on De Lens analysis, describe the “Prevention Through Deterrence” program and discuss how it relates to migrant border crossings and migrant deaths.2.Discuss the differences between the definitions of migrant and refugee. Explain the challenges and problems associated with these definitions. Provide examples from course content and readings to show the role that these definitions play in international migration.I have attached all the 5 weeks of reading material along with the papers written for you to review so you can answer the questions.Cite if you direct quote or reference anything.  You can only use the course material.

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