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Explain that the inconsistency in legislation for prostitution as opposed to pornography is due to the racial composition/class of the participants (race based morality).

The citations must be in Blue Book format with footnotes. Attached is a sample dissertation showing format.
Use law review articles and case law for citations in addition to the other sources you choose.
1.) A table of contents with all proposed chapters for the dissertation (detailed chapter outline)
2.) Results Chapter that interprets statistical data regarding arrest, convictions, and demographics/ racial compositions of commercial sex workers. In lei of interviews with sex workers, it should say I used questionnaires.
I will later contract you for the other chapters. I understand that five pages will not be enough for this chapter but please include as much relevant information as possible and I will place another order next month for you to expand this results chapter.

Would like my dissertation to examine how:
Prostitution is a form of illegal behavior. Pornography is the same form of behavior. They both should either: be illegal because there is no difference or there should be full governmental regulation on both. Want to use Critical Race Theory to explain that the inconsistency in legislation is due to the racial composition/class of the participants (race based morality). Prostitution is comprised mainly of ethnic minorities, while most pornography is made by non-minorities. There is no legal rationale (policy basis) for distinguishing the two.
Data should look at arrests, convictions, and demographics/racial composition.
And, must use Blue Book citations.

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