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Explore the ways in which the narrators of both ‘Porphyritic Lover’ and ‘Salome’ are presented as being mad?

Poems-“Porphyritic Lover”(Robert Browning)… “Salome” (Carol Ann Duffy)
coursework needs to be about both poems. You answer a question exploring a common theme, but it does not necessarily need to be comparative. You can write about one poem and then the next one and draw comparisons in your conclusion.
(TIP: think about the causes of madness and the effects their mad actions have)
-4 main body paragraphs, two for each poem. Each main body paragraph should have a topic sentence,3-4 quotes in which are analyzed using(point, evidence, explanation, zoom in on a powerful word in the quote) then a Closing sentence (wrap up the paragraph to effectively transition to the next paragraph)
– conclusion etc.

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