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Facebook’s internet.org initiative: serving the bottom of the pyramid?

This paper should be in executive summary format which the details are going to be explained and samples are attached, preferably 3-4 pages.  Sources have to be cited. It is going to be submitted in turning for plagiarism.This is what my professor wants:Don’t forget to guide yourselves with the case questions included in the book, as the answers do need to form part of the body of your papers.I love this attached guide from ‘Proposal.com’ on how to write an executive summary, basing yourselves on the book’s case question as guidance. If you follow this you’ll be golden.The need, solution, and call to action should most likely contain some of these answers as well as the research points you find that relate to the company in question. The evidence should have the research that backs all this up and current events that relate, and your opinions that bring all of it together. Don’t forget to cite your sources. And please make sure to bring content. The paper can be as long as it needs to be to contain the right information. Also remember format is important. Graphical representation of company performance is always a plus.I will attach a picture of what proposal.com that my professor was talking about. She did not ask for any specific format so it could be ML or SPA. I will also attach a picture of formats that she prefers.

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