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How did Owen’s theories about human nature, community and society shape his educational theories and practices?

Gutter, G. L. (1995). A history of Western educational experience (2nd ed.) Long Grove, IL: Wave land Press. ISBN: 9780881338188.

  1. Introduction.The purpose of the paper.Prepare a report on the ways that commercial (and other types of) accommodation providers are making use of home to market their ‘offering’. You have also been tasked with suggesting ways your organization might make use of these concepts and why.2. Background to business (Airborne) The business for which you are consulting for. It can be existing or one you created . Write a  brief  paragraph outlining its location, target market  and facilities 3.The Concept of Home Explain the concept of home.Remember to include intangible aspects, feelings experiences, togetherness, warmth, connection etc.   as well as the tangibles.Whilst globalization—in this case the rise of the trans national hotel corporation-has facilitated the ability for more and more people to travel it has also led to a disconnect between place and hotel.That is the hotel became about replicating the home of the traveler, rather than be a representation of the home of the people who lived in the place being visited! However, as tourists have become more sophisticated (that is they become more experienced as they travel more often) they have started to change their behaviors. Whilst initially traveling away from home meant the mitigation of risk—increasingly tourists are understanding that in order to have an authentic or meaningful experience then one needs to engage with not just the landscape through which they travel but also the people who call these places home.4.How Accommodation providers are making use of the Home Concept.How existing operators are using the concept of home. As a consultant describe and give  examples of what existing companies are doing.5.Creating the Home experience for Airborne.This is the main  part of your report, how your organization will use the concept of home  . Take the theory and apply it. Be creative!  Give specific details in all aspects of what your business offers.


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