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Impact of Digital Marketing on Customer engagement and Customer Experience.

Title will be: “Impact of Digital Marketing on Customer engagement and Customer  Experience” The project will consist of many phases (e.g Project proposal, returnable reviews…etc.) and will need an active response from your side- Each phase will need a review from my doctor and agreement and accordingly we will move through the different parts and phases.The project proposal will be required for first submission within the next 3 days. And upon approval we will go through.Find the attached directions for the proposal and for writing the whole thesis for the main directions.I am coming from Sales Background in Pharmaceuticals, medical, cosmetics and Healthcare IT fields, so My focus would be in these areas as primary and some examples from other industries would be fine but I prefer these areas.We will be depending on surveys as method of collection and I would send the questionnaires . Surely the questionnaire will be provided from you to support the dissertation.The region of focus will be the middle east excluding Israel from the whole thesis and not to mention it by any mean in the whole dissertation.Be trendy in the examples and subjects.Artificial intelligence and blockchain would be great areas to relate to when appropriate.Focus also on social media and relate some of the examples to routines in daily lives.Focus also on the marketing of applications.The project proposal is of 8 pages.The Dissertation will be the rest 60 pages.Avoid talking about politics and religions.Always try to support ideas or conclusions with financial figures when applicable and appropriate.Always give me heads up before beginning writing the next part to agree and move ahead to avoid multiple revisions.Always after each meeting with my professor, I will update you accordingly.Assign the appropriate number of resources, unless a direction from my professor comes in this regard.Check as well the timelines in the attached Guidelines.


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