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Sociological Analysis of the Family.

You must accept the latest Turning User Agreement.Paper РSociological Analysis of the Family Summary:With this paper, I want to see that the students not only have memorized the concepts and theories in order to take the quizzes, but they have understood the material presented in this course and they are able to apply it in analyzing a concrete and basic social group: the family. Therefore, you are expected to review the first chapter and select one of the main theoretical approaches (functionalist theory, the conflict theory or the symbolic-interaction theory). Then, using your sociological imagination (see chapter 1), analyze your family through the theoretical perspective you selected and make sure that you apply correctly in your analysis at least five of the concepts learned in this course.Suggestion of concepts you may use in your analysis: ethnocentrism/ cultural relativity culture/ subculture/ counterculture social status (ascribed, achieved, master) social role (role strain, role conflict) social group (primary, secondary) social class/ social mobility/ social inequality.socialization/ re socialization/ agents of socialization.deviance/ conformity /obedience.race/ accommodation/ acculturation/ assimilation.stereotype/ discrimination ·Gender identity/ gender role.Nuclear family/ extended family.Monogamy/ polygamy,monogamy/ monogamy.Write an original paper of at least 1000 words, avoiding generalization of personal experiences. Think sociologically! Use only the textbook and the notes as bibliographical resources and make sure to mention them at the end of your assignment. The resources are not included in the minimum 1000 words. Make sure to give credit to your bibliographical sources and keep in mind that the quotations cannot represent more than 20% of your paper. Even though you give credit to the author, if the quotations exceed 20% of the paper, this is no longer original. As intellectual theft, plagiarism is graded with zero.The student will be graded on critical thinking, writing, clarity, organization, and content. You will have points deducted if the paper is shorter than required. If you need assistance with your assignment, the Writing Center is available for free to assist you with your writing needs! The paper must have an introduction and conclusion. Grammar and spelling count!The name of the textbook is Essentials of Sociology 9th edition by Freethinker, Weight, and Ortega, 2014.ISBN- 13:978-1-133-63039-5.Send me a draft of paper within 5 days.

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