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State how his study is different from the other ones tackled before, and how does it differ from the previous ones in the literature review.

Follow the Order Description precisely,The manuscript (Article) is for publication in one of the international journals indexed with Scopes. Therefore, the manuscript should include followings:1.The topic should be new and have something valuable that makes paper worthy for publication.2.The article should include theoretical and empirical/practical parts.3.Besides the Abstract and Introduction, the writer should include: •Keywords •Highlights •Problems of the Study •Significance of the Study •Objectives of the study •  Hypotheses 4.Literature review (Previous studies tackled by other previous researchers about the same or similar study). The Writer should state how his study is different from the other ones tackled before, and how does it differ from the previous ones in the literature review. 5. In the practical part, the writer is kindly requested to specify the sample of the study included in the study. It also should include: •Results •Conclusions •Implications •Recommendations 6.The article should have a proper model of analysis upon which the entire study is based. 7.The practical part should include:•  Statistical methods •Figures •   Tables with titles •Equations 8.All the sources cited inside the manuscript body should be mentioned in the References section. All the sources have to be cited from top tier journals.9.The manuscript should be identical to a format guide that will be uploaded upon the acceptance of handling the order by the author.

As you prepare for graduation, you will be deciding on either graduate school or job placement. For those students selecting the job process, there are many stages to consider, one of which is the interview. As a criminal justice major, you may pursue jobs in the law enforcement arena. During the interview process and training, law enforcement agencies may ask substantive questions related to ethics or officer trust. Although there are many professions that compel ethical behavior, the cornerstone of law enforcement relies on officer trust.Submission Details:By the due date assigned, in at least 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following questions:Consider the below question as a possible interview question. If you were asked this during an interview, how would you respond? Officer trust is one of the basic tenants of law enforcement and it is often referred to as the “thin blue line”. Do you believe that this line exists and, if so, do you agree with the concept? How far is too far when it comes to protecting the blue line?

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