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What changes did Debbie experience after changing her diet?

The Magic Pill Documentary.

Extra Credit Questions for The Magic Pill Documentary 1.)The Yong People What do the people of the Yong tribe die of today? What did they die of in the 1970’s? 2) List 5 of the disease conditions that Michelle suffers from:3)  List 5 of the medications that Debbie takes:4)List 5 of the disease conditions that Abigail suffers from:5.)The foods our ancestors ate:For only how many generations has our species been consuming an agriculturally-based diet? Prior to the introduction of grains, what two types of macro nutrients did our species predominantly eat? 6.)The physical fitness of the Yong people:How did the people of Yong tribe appear in the photo from the 1970’s?How do they appear now? Why?  What has changed? 7)Vegetable Oils:Why does Dr Kate Shoshana advise against using the vegetable oils like corn, safflower, or soybean oils?  (In other words, how are the fats in these oils obtained?) Dr Kate Shoshana compares using artificial fats in our body to building a house with what item rather than bricks? 8)What question should every single doctor on the planet be asking every single patient? 9)List 5 healthy habits the documentary recommends for healthier eating? 10)List 5 foods that Abigail was eating before the dietary changes:11)How did Abigail and her sister react to the dietary changes at first? 12)How did they react several days after the dietary changes? 13)Why was Tim Snakes put on trial with the Health Professions Council of South Africa?14)What does the documentary say is the logic of eating pastured, grass-fed livestock over grain-fed livestock kept in feedlots.  Please describe at least 3 reasons that were discussed in the documentary.15)What changes did Michelle experience after changing her diet?16)What changes did Debbie experience after changing her diet? 17)What changes did Abigail experience after changing her diet? 18)What was the verdict for Tim Snakes’ trial by the Health Professions Council of South Africa? 19)Why did the people of the Yong tribe begin singing and dancing? 20)Acronyms:What does SAD mean? What does FILCH diet mean?YouTube:https://WWW.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl5MYwCNDg0

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