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Designing and developing a reporting system using good spreadsheet design practice. You’d need to conduct some independent research to find out how to create different elements in your report.

Assessment 2: Essay – 40%<Choice 1:The task here is to research how a particular youth culture has been represented in the media and/or public domain. Students are to choose a specific youth culture and research the ways in which this culture has been represented (This should not be the same as your tutorial presentation. Whereas the tutorial presentation is about how young people themselves participate in youth cultures, this essay is about how others view them). You are required to describe how this culture been discussed, debated, problematical or celebrated identify the main voices in this debate and their concerns and provide a critical analysis of these debates and issues.In the past, there has been a broad range of essay topics, including contemporary and historical examples. For instance, subjects have covered: moral panics around heavy metal, sexism, Australian Youth Cultures in hip hop, gender in straight edge, goths as a misunderstood subculture, skaters and public space, young women and punk (drawing on the riot girl movement), body modification, hipsters and authenticity, race, black politics and hip hop etc.OR Choice 2:What has changed and why? You are required to research a youth culture of the 1930s-1980s and discuss what has changed in contemporary youth cultures and why. Subcultures that you can draw on: Rave culture, mods, rockers, flappers, rock and roll, punk, hippies, skinheads, emo etc.A MINIMUM of 8 academic resources must be used. You are welcome to use material from media, but this is NOT to be included in your 8 references.

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