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Develop Fault Tree diagram for the chosen product.

Failure mode, effects, and criticality analysis of a product.

Asset and Facility Management Individual Assignment (15%) Conduct a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FAME) and Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (MECCA) on a material product (for example, a solar panel…) of your choosing. You may select one of a commercial product, an industrial product or a domestic product comprising no less than 12 failure modes.Structure your assignment as follows:-(a)Description of the chosen product clearly presenting a drawing and/or a photograph and its functionality.(b) A tabulation of the FAME factors a.Failure modes b.  Failure mechanisms (with descriptions) c.Failure effects (with clearly descriptions) d.Occurrence, Severity and Detection Rankings e.RPM and Corrective Actions (c)Develop Criticality Matrix as per MECCA process.(d)  Develop Fault Tree diagram for the chosen product. (e)Conclusion. In your conclusion comment on the three tools (commonalities vs differences) and your views of the product’s integrity. Suggest modifications with justification.Note: •The value of the parameters in FAME and MECCA needs to be justified through referencing or reasoning. •Total number of words is suggested to be less than 1000 (excluding tables and diagrams).



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