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Ethical & Legal Issues in Group Counseling.

Question #1 Chap. 3: Ethical and Legal Issues in Group Counseling Db11:  No Word Limit  •The nurse who relieves you arrives to the unit on time (7am).  She puts her things away, and then calls her husband to report her safe arrival. Over time, you note that the conversations last about 1-5 minutes. For sometime, this behavior has been an annoyance to you because you are always ready to give the report at 7, but your relief is not ready until her ritual has concluded. Given this brief scenario, why might you be annoyed? Identify a legal issue that might be a consideration in this matter should an incident occur. Will you allow the matter to continue? Will you speak with the individual or the supervisor? Is The scenario compatible with group counseling content? Use ANA Code of Ethics, Corey or Hood to support your thinking. (An Annoyance)               Total Posts:QUESTION #2 RESPOND IN 100-150 WORDS( ONLY) Read the ANA Code of Ethics. Based on your understanding of the ethics code, as a RN, are there any ethical or legal considerations you must adhere to in your role as a group leader? Explain. (ANA Code of Ethics) QUESTION #3 Chap. 3: Ethical and Legal Issues in Group Counseling Db13  RESPOND  IN 150-200 WORDS (ONLY) •You are reporting off duty to the oncoming nursing staff. You share with them that the client in room 209 who is diagnosed with AIDS told you earlier that day that he has not yet informed his wife of his diagnosis. Having seen the wife several times, you know that she is expecting. The oncoming nursing staff (can be identified as a group) try to encourage you to inform the client’s wife since she comes to visit her husband daily during your shift. Discuss what you discern from this scenario. Identify a point in chap. 3 or the ethics code that will help to solidify the action you will take to inform or not inform. (Group Pressure) The book is GROUPS PROCESS AND PRACTICE Tenth Edition. •ANA Code of Ethics ANA Code of Ethics •click below to access (may need to copy link into browser)<br>https://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/nursing-excellence/ethics/code-of-ethics-for-nurses/<br>https://courseweb.pitt.edu/bbcswebdav/institution/Pitt%20Online/Nursing/NUR%202008/Module%2001/Readings/ANA_ethics.pdf<br>Discussion of ANA Code of Ethics<br>https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Codes+of+Ethics+Nursing+Student&amp;&amp;view=detail&amp;mid=E38F12FDA94B3C506531E38F12FDA94B3C506531&amp;FORM=VRDGAR<br>YouTube: Ethical &amp; legal issues scenarios<br>https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+ethical+and+legal+dilemmas+in+hospitals&amp;view=detail&amp;mid=E78B6669E5CE9D4739D6E78B6669E5CE9D4739D6&amp;FORM




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