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Leadership, Ethics, Stress and Culture.The Perfect Case Study.

The purpose of the case study analyses is to provide you with an opportunity to grasp and master the facts, separate important facts from unimportant ones, formulate issues, weigh opposing considerations, use analytical skills (reason logically), and proceed from premise to conclusion. You should apply the principles of organizational behavior and management in each case.Instructions;Papers should be clear and concise with a stated thesis statement, professionally written and 900-1,500 words in length; provide ample support (a minimum of three sources with in-text citations). The case analysis papers must be typed, 12 point font size, one inch margins, double-spaced, and have no mechanical/grammatical errors. Please, do not regurgitate the case in your written paper. The expectation of this assignment is for you to analyze and apply the concepts and practices learned through the book, media, and the course discussion forums.


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