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Perceptions of Nests and N Nests as effective teachers in South Korea.

My subject area is education. I need help with the data analysis (results) section of my dissertation. I have uploaded the introduction and methodology sections of my dissertation, which includes my research questions. There are 3 subject groups, Adult Korean EFL students, native English speaking teachers (Nests) and non-native English speaking teachers (N Nests). Participants in each group completed a questionnaire and an Implicit Association Test. I need the data from the questionnaire and the Implicit Association Test appropriately analyzed and compared to answer my research questions. I have also uploaded the questionnaire response data (all in one excel doc), Implicit Association Test data (3 separate excel docs) and a sample of each questionnaire (3 separate files). I have already done some basic analysis on the questionnaire data (Mean, median, mode and standard deviation). The questionnaires are all the same except for question no. 1 (which is the same for Nests and N Nests but different for students).


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