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What databases will be used, what strategies for searching the literature, and what specific time frame?

Read this first.  This is the first of probably 5 assignments.  I want you to write all of them for me.  Its all on the same topic but will just build on each paper.  the first is the topic outline with a literature review matrix at end.  I have attached a literature review matrix and example of how my instructed wants it to look like.  I know this is short notice and I will pay extra for that.  I will copy past the Topic outline template for you to go by.I also included a summary of how the paper will flow.Points to think about when writing a topical outline:1. What is your research question? 2. Why does it matter? 3. How will you address this question? (i.e., what will be your methodology?) 4. Implications for nursing practice, administration, education, and research? I. Introduction A. Central focus What is the topic you wish to investigate in your research? What is the central question you wish to address? Sketch this in a few sentences, indicating why it is a worthwhile question to pursue.B. Context of the work Sketch the context of previous research and discussion on your topic, including any formative work on the topic or where it has been included within a wider field of study II. Methods A. What will be the key method(s) you will use to address your topic and research questions? Why is/are these the most appropriate method(s) for your topic and questions? For example, will your focus be empirical research? B. What databases will be used, what strategies for searching the literature, and what specific time frame? How will you delimit the research base (deciding what to include and what not to include)? III. Results A. Explain what outcome(s) you are hoping for from your research synthesis B. Provide a sketch of how the synthesis might look 1. Methodological choices 2. Theoretical frameworks 3. Etc. IV. Discussion A. The contribution you hope your State of the Science Paper will make to the specific topic and the relevant wider field of study1. Nursing practice 2. Administration 3. Education 4. Research B. Recommendations/Next Steps Briefly explain what you hope to offer or what is needed based on the state of the science (e.g., identify gaps in the research, recommend a specific approach or protocols) V. Initial Bibliography (no more than one page—you can use the references from your proposal) Appendix Literature Review Matrix (required for the paper)


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