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Why was Hoover not successful at addressing the ills of the nation?

The Great Depression and the New Deal.

Write a four page essay that analyzes the efforts of both Hoover and Roosevelt in combating the effects of the Great Depression on Americans. Why was Hoover not successful at addressing the ills of the nation? Does he deserve the bad rap that history has bestowed upon him? FDR is often ranked as one of the top five presidents in U.S. history. Do his efforts during the Depression merit such a high ranking (For now just consider FDR’s efforts during the Depression and not what he does during World War II)?&tbsp; Or did FDR’s critics have a point? Support your answer with evidence from the assigned readings. Cite your sources.<br><br>https://concordia.learninghouse.com/pluginfile.php/501173/mod_page/content/5/L5_FDR_-_First_Fireside_Chat.pdf<br><br>https://concordia.learninghouse.com/pluginfile.php/501173/mod_page/content/5/L5_Huey_P._Long_-_Share_Our_Wealth.pdf<br><br>https://www.ssa.gov/history/fcspeech.html<br><br>Use citations below and have a strong introduction to the essay !


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