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Could you do a description of Data or Model for the paper about migration in Northern Europe.

Could you please do model description paper (or data) for the paper about migration in Northern Europe?

Here the guidelines:
Your description of data or model + summary statistics table + visual graph Please submit your assignment through b Courses as a .PDF or .doc file. Your assignment should be 2 to 3 pages long including the table and figure. Please adhere to the following structure:
1. A brief summary of the main idea and hypotheses to be tested.

2. A description of your data :
Approximate sample size;
Type of data (time-series, cross-section, panel);
Time period covered;
Description of units of observations (e.g. states, countries, counties, individuals, firms…);
Main variables of interest (outcome variable(s), independent variable(s) and control variables)

3. A description of your empirical strategy:
Equation(s) to be estimated (with correct indices and explanation of all variables);
Description of methodology (e.g. OLD, IV, Diff-in-Diff, Event Study,…);
Robustness checks you expect to do and possible extensions.
4. summary statistics table reporting the number of observations, mean, median, minimum, and maximum for each variable.

5. visual graph (i.e. histogram, scatter plot, etc)OR For those who are doing a model instead of data,
1. A brief summary of the main idea and hypotheses to be tested

2. A description of model:
Who are the representative agents.
Model timing, interactions between agents.
Optimizing conditions/how agents make choices.
Key model assumptions, and justification for assumptions.
3. Model implications.

Predictions of model.
Key model results (i.e. key model equations, no need to list all of them!)
Do model predictions match research hypothesis? Any connection to empirical evidence?


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