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Critically analyse TLA case study and argue for theoretically informed developments and improvements for the case study organisation.

To do this, you will need to write a clearly structured essay, draw on at least one theory from the lectures, and apply this to the case study organizations to consider how this could lead to improvements or potential development.
1. Introduction (contributes 15% to the mark)
The introduction should provide general background and context to the topic matter you will address in the essay to ensure that the reader has a general understanding of the subject. There should be an outline of the issues that will be covered in the essay and an indication of the main argument that your essay is putting forward.
2. Main body (structure and organization of the main body contributes 20% to the mark)

The main body should work systematically through the points you want to make. There should be a thorough investigation of the case study setting / organization that you are investigating and an analysis of the potential developments and improvements. You need to proposes at least one theory that can support such improvement or development. There need to be links directly to the overall argument you are building throughout the essay. The argument is developed by making and linking points in and between paragraphs. Supporting evidence, e.g. from the literature that you have read, is essential to make your argument convincing.

2.1 Analysis (contributes 20% to the mark)

Analysis refers to a detailed examination of the elements of a whole (here a case study setting / organization) or the process of separating something into its constituent parts. An ideal way to do this is through the lens of a theory and exploring the extent to which the particular theory applies to the case study setting / organization. A description of a case study or organization does not constitute analysis.

2.2 Argument (contributes 20% to the mark)
An argument can be defined as a reason or set of reasons given in support of an idea, action or theory. You may want to argue that a particular theory would help an organization improve an aspect of their management or, conversely, that relevant theories are not useful in a particular case study setting. Either way, you will need to outline why and how your argument is valid and provide evidence in support.

3. Conclusion (contributes 15% to the mark)

The conclusion should provide a very brief summary of your argument and the main points that support your argument and should culminate in a comment or suggestion for how we might consider the subject matter or the case study setting / organization in future. The conclusion should not present any new information.

4. Referencing (contributes 10% to the mark)

Academic writing includes references to the literature to acknowledge where ideas originate.

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