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Demonstrates technical accuracy in terms of punctuation and grammar.

Choose one country, other than United Arab Emirates, and discuss how that country’s culture (including its history) has impacted on the practice of public relations and communication within it. You may also wish to focus on a particular case study within that country or on one area of public relations, such as sports, health, indigenous affairs, entertainment, Government or not-for-profit, media relations or social media management, or write more broadly on the topic.
You must draw on the unit readings and materials in your response and use SPA or
Chicago citation style (see http://libguides.murdoch.edu.au).
Please refer to the essay assessment criteria.
Essays 1 & 2
1. Written expression.
▪ Writes fluently and develops a logical argument.
▪ Demonstrates technical accuracy in terms of punctuation and grammar.
2. Relevance to the essay question.
▪ Addresses the essay question fully.
▪ Offers comprehensive scope and literature review relevant to topic.
3. Analysis and evaluation.
▪ Demonstrates outstanding grasp of key concepts, including public relations and chosen topic.
▪ Demonstrates highly analytical, critical understanding and interpretation.
▪ Supports claims and conclusion through evidence presented in essay.
4. Research and references
▪ Demonstrates outstanding use of evidence and sources, including MCC385 unit materials.
▪ Uses SPA style accurately
5. Structure
▪ Offers clear introduction and conclusion.
▪ Develops logical and coherent argument.
▪ Meets word length (1500 words)

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