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Evaluate one coaching or mentoring intervention; design, delivery, evaluation stages

This assignment requires you to write a report critically analyzing learning, coaching and mentoring through evaluating the variety of different definitions/theory/frameworks/models of coaching and mentoring and then applying them to a coaching/mentoring programmer. Please ensure that all areas 1-7 below are covered in your report.

  1. Critical discussion of learning, coaching and mentoring; include definitions, connections, similarities, differences, other L&D interventions

2.Explore the rise and need for coaching and mentoring in business and key models/frameworks used

3.Examine a business that has coaching and mentoring within it; set the scene, the context, the purpose/need

4.Evaluate one coaching or mentoring intervention; design, delivery, evaluation stages

  1. Synthesize the key theory/frameworks; using the theory discuss what works well/not so well, what could be done differently
  2. Make recommendations for the future design, delivery and evaluation of this programmer.
  3. Reference list;
    The titles are not part of the word count, diagrams are not part of in the word count.
    yes normally tittles, diagrams and references are not counted.
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