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Review the competitive challenges facing Amazon.

Amazon.com Business Model and Its Evolution.

View the attached case study and respond to the provided questions. In addition to using the provided case study, research the company further to find any related events that have happened since the provided case study was written. Use online data services or other sources to locate the latest articles about the company including press releases and current financial information.Case Questions 1.Amazon’s internal capabilities could be examined and analyzed using five unique tools: resource and capability analysis, SWOT analysis, value chain analysis, bench-marking and competitive strength assessment. Identify the analytical tool that you believe would be most effective, and detail the rationale for your selection. 2.Define and describe Amazon’s “working backward” product development philosophy. Does this philosophy mesh with established principles and strategies? Detail how or how not. 3.What strategic issues and problems faced by Amazon merit front-burner managerial attention? Justify your response, including specific examples. 4.Conduct a value chain analysis of Amazon and associated operations. Based upon the outcomes of the analysis, discuss one action that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. 5.Review the competitive challenges facing Amazon. Given the breadth and depth of such competitive factors, can Amazon maintain its position at the top of the heap of online retailers? Do current strategies ensure this placement, or are new/updated strategies needed? Be specific and detailed in your answer.

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