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Critically analyze the recent ‘holacracy’ re-organization at Zappos with respect to Leadership.

ESSAY INFO: Critically analyze the recent ‘holacracy’ re-organization at Zappos with respect to Leadership

Coursework Assignment – reorganization at Zappos

Your coursework assignment relates to lectures two to fiveYou are asked to critically analyze the recent ‘holacracy’ re-organization at Zappos with respect to ONE of the following topics:

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Groups and teams
  • Organizing work and job design

Your case analysis should include the application of theories and/or concepts covered within the weeks lecture on the topic. Relevant theories and concepts which could be included are listed below.

Links to several media articles/feature on Holacracy and Zappos are provided on Moodle (many more articles can be found through personal research).  Your answer should not merely describe features of the re-organization, but should relate the changes to theories and concepts covered in the course. For example, you may identify how the changes are similar/different to ideas put forward in particular theories and concepts, or you may identify how the ideas put forward in the concept/theory suggest a potential problem with the re-organization. Strong answers are likely to focus on a small number (one or two) theories and concepts and provide depth of analysis rather than merely touching on a wide number of ideas.

Motivation Leadership Groups and teams Org. Work and Job Design
Intrinsic/extrinsic motivation

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Herzberg’s two factor theory

Expectancy theory

Equity theory

Goal setting theory

Trait theories of leadership

Behavioural theories of leadership

Blake and Mouton’s grid

Contingency theory

Charismatic/ transformational leadership


High performance teams

Teams based work design

Tuckman’s group stages

Group norms


Group polarization

Social loafing


Teamwork as manipulation (‘normative control’)

Bureaucratic/market/ clan control

Other types/ forms of organisational control

Job analysis


Job enrichment

Job characteristics model

Indulgency pattern

Referencing Every time you include a quote or paraphrase in your work you must include an in-text reference and an end-of-text reference. You should use Harvard style references.

Deadline Date for Submission of Coursework 14th November 2018

Lecture 3

Leading and Managing

  • Management in Organizations – The process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives
  • Management – Produces order and consistency: Planning and budgeting, Organizing and Staffing, Controlling and problem solving
  • Leadership – Produces change and movement: Establishes direction, Aligns people, Motivates and inspires
  • Management is EXTRINSIC…Leadership is INTRINSIC
  • Leadership – The process of influencing others to mobilise and facilitate individual and collective efforts towards the goal
  • Style or Behavioural Theories:
  • Initiating Structure – Focus on task, explain expectations, Implement Rules
  • Consideration – Focusing on peoples welfare, Approachable, Concern with equality

Started essay as below if helpful but can ignore

Critically analyze the recent ‘holacracy’ re-organization at Zappos with respect to Leadership


In the mid 2000s, Brian Robertson’s ‘Zappos’, an online shoe and clothing retailer based in Las Vegas, introduced a new system of operations. Holacracy, a unique, self-governing system in which employees would ‘self-manage.’ It involves no bosses and thus a constitutional process defines how things work and who works on what projects. It is a system which promotes individuals to be self-accountable as well as leadership itself.

Leadership can be defined as ‘The process of influencing others to mobilize and facilitate individual and collective efforts towards the accomplishment of goals or objectives.’ In this way, leadership produces change and movement in a chain of results. The traditional leadership role would typically involve establishing a direction, aligning of people and of course motivation & inspiring employees.

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