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Introduction to Technology and Education (ITE): Explore the chosen theme with reference to a range of books/journal articles/research/policy. You should use in-text referencing on every page in the same way you would reference an essay. What should I include on each page?

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Assignment Guidance: Introduction to Technology and Education (ITE)
What is the assignment?
An online portfolio in the form of a website (equivalent to 2500 words).
You will create your own online portfolio using the Google Sites tool.
The theme of the online portfolio is ‘how technology contributes to learning’. How/what to submit and when?
You will submit the URL for your online portfolio via Moodle.
 Submission date: Weds 9th January 2019 1300hrs
 Students with DDS Extension: Weds 23rd January 2019 1300hrs
 Hand back date: Weds 6th Feb 2019 What should the online portfolio include?
The online portfolio will include six sections/pages:
1. FOUR pages of content
2. A reference list (one page)
3. Ideas/resources to support further study (one page)
Select four themes for the four pages of content from:
a) How technology helps us learn
b) Exploring digital literacy
c) Technology in UK schools
d) Pedagogy and technology
e) How technology supports learners with different needs
f) Learning with technology outside the classroom
Each page should explore the chosen theme with reference to a range of books/journal articles/research/policy. You should use in-text referencing on every page in the same way you would reference an essay. What should I include on each page?
The content of each page should include:
 introduction
 main body
 summary/conclusion
The content of the main body of each page should:
1. Provide information on the theme e.g. exploring digital literacy. The information provided should be based on literature and research findings.
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2. Critically reflect on the role of technology in learning and teaching in relation to the specific section theme.
3. Refer to readings/literature/research/policy from the lectures and reading list and that you have found yourself to discuss the theme.
4. Avoid personal opinion (unsubstantiated claims) and generalisations.
5. Provide implications for practice e.g. for schools/teachers/parents/learners.
6. Provide suggestions for further research.
NOTE: it is acceptable to write in the first person. Demonstrating analysis and criticality
Remember when referring to a piece of literature to think critically about the research. Compare what others have said on the theme. How are the ideas similar? How do they differ?
What were the strengths & weaknesses of the study: E.g., What are the limitations of the article/the research? Think about the sample, context, how the research was conducted.
Try to provide a fair and balanced picture – does all the research around Ed Tech provide evidence to support that it is positive and enhances learning? Is eLearning successful for everyone? Can the research identify the impact technology has on attainment? Are there any limitations? Consider for example the organisation of digital devices and resources, teacher time, teacher training, workload? Do all children respond in a similar way to technology in the classroom? By offering counter arguments/claims, it will help to demonstrate your developed understanding of the theme as well as your analysis and synthesis skills. What else should I include?
 Media: The online portfolio should include appropriate visuals and multimedia that support your points e.g. links to sources of information, diagrams, graphs, images, video, audio.
 Footer: Include your name and student number in the footer on each page.
 Reference list page: The online portfolio must include a reference page (see notes below).
 Title page: this is not required. You will not be penalised if you do include one, but do not spend time designing a flashy title page. Referencing
Create a page called ‘Reference list’ at the end of your website/online portfolio:
 The reference list should only contain the details of sources you have cited in your work.
 All content and media should be referenced appropriately both in-text and in the reference list.
 Follow LSBU Harvard referencing guidelines.
 Remember that referencing is one of the marking criteria and is important.
 For support enrol on the referencing course (via the Library’s Moodle site) here: https://vle.lsbu.ac.uk/enrol/index.php?id=21372

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