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Based on research and information in the text, what leadership style does this individual use?

Leadership Analysis: Barack Obama

Select a leader who you feel has a leadership style close to your own.  You will conduct a leadership analysis. Your paper should be formatted according to APA guidelines and include:

  • Introduction
    • Description of the individual’s background, age, experience, etc.
    • Why you selected this particular leader.
  • Organization – A description of the leader’s environment, to include:
    • Description of the organization including product or service provided
    • Size of the organization, including sales and number of employees
    • Description of Organizational Structure, including locations
    • Organizational vision, mission
    • Description of organizational culture
  • Leadership Style – Based on research and information in the text, what leadership style does this individual use?  Include a discussion of leadership strengths and weaknesses, to include:
    • Level of autonomy provided to employees
    • Motivation behaviors
    • Organizing and leading teams
    • Problem-solving style
    • Conflict management style
    • Ethical behavior
    • Social Responsibility
  • Leader Performance Results – a discussion of information and events that relate to personal, organizational, or community outcomes, including:
    • Effectiveness
      • Profitability
      • Performance
      • Growth
      • Social responsibility
  • Conclusion
    • Overview of strengths and weaknesses supported by information from the Strengths Based Leadership text.
    • Based on what you have learned in class, what are they doing well and what suggestions would you offer for this leader?
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