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Financial behaviour of investors and its impact on the efficiency of financial markets: Explain the proposal in that sense and to state the data to be collected in Australia.

Financial behaviour of investors and its impact on the efficiency of financial markets.

The Structure of the proposal (please note that the study will be made in Australia so make sure that you explain the proposal in that sense and to state the data to be collected in Australia)

Introduction (you need to state what? Why? And how? Which will include the research questions)

Literature Review ( again how and why? and you will also have to literature on topic, literature on method, theoretical approach, find a hole and look for debates please be critical). The following are some suggestion of the headings and subheadings you should look for to explain the literature review.

  • Financial liaison
    • brokers in the stock exchange
      • Realtor
      • Realtor agent
      • Lounge dealers
      • E-Brokers
    • Stock orders
    • Exchange pricing
    • The theories of the efficiency of financial marketing

Methodology (how? You will need to define the research design to be used, research procedures, kind of data, collection procedures, selection and access, ethic statement and hypothesis will be tested in this project (it has to be novel according to the gap in the literature). The following is in a equations it might be helpful for you to define the methodology and how you measure the data. You can use more than one equation.

E ( Pj,t+1|t)= Pj,t[ 1+E(Rj,t+1|t ]

E(r j,t+1 )= E(Pj,t +1|)- pjt

Preliminary Data (what? in this section you will need to define evidence of importance, informs methodology, important categories and relationships and limitations.

Conclusion ( a sum up of the proposal).

Sources might be helpful;

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