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Outline and discuss current trends, providing referenced evidence from current reports and journals.


-based in UK

The product concept Portfolio must be of your own design, however it should presented as followed:

  • Executive summary
  • Table of contents, font, layout, design
  • Introduction
  • Brief Product description
  • Assignment sections (see below for more info for each of these sections):

Unit A – Gastronomy and Food Trends

Unit B – Science of Food

Unit C – Sustainable Food Systems

Unit – D Food Business, Media & marketing

  • Future of the Product



In the design of your product you are required to research the background of your idea and use current information to support your proposal in order to develop a culinary and gastronomical rationale for your product. The information contained in your report should demonstrate that your product concept, ingredients, design and market have been thoroughly researched.

Provide background research of your product, your document should not simply be based on personal opinion, but on well researched and referenced information with clear conclusions.

Your report should:

Provide a rationale for the food product from a gastronomical view point.

Research the main ingredients chosen, provenance, unique aspects, varieties, history, harvesting, production, processing, trading, culture, tradition, history, social, religious, symbolic aspects

(If you choose cacao powder for example, you might provide historical, cultural and geographical knowledge of the cacao bean)

Outline and discuss current trends, providing referenced evidence from current reports and journals.

Provide an insight into your personal philosophy of the product.

The gastronomy and food trends report should build a story of your product and provide a solid background and rational to its design. Your writing should be backed up by current industry research, from a variety of sources.

Marking Criteria

Introduction 10 marks
Description of product concept 10 marks
Product background 10 marks
Personal philosophy 10 marks
Current trend discussion 20 marks
Ingredients research 20 marks
Development of concept 10 marks
Reference 10 marks


Designing a Food Product

Create a technical specification for the product

To include:

Product sketch


10 marks
Create a Standard Recipe

–          Ingredients

–          Detailed Method

–          Cooking methods/ techniques

–          Critical controls / Food Safety information

–          Equipment Required

–          Portion

–          Size/ serving

20 marks
Labeling information 10 marks
Summary Allergen Information 10 marks
Sensory testing sheets 20 marks
Detailed analysis & Rational 10 marks
Nutritional Analysis of product 20 marks


You are required to prepare a sustainability statement for your food product. The statement should outline and discuss sustainability aspects of the product.

It may include some of the following areas related to sustainability:

  • Ingredients –seasonality, growing and manufacturing
  • Food Waste – Issues and solutions
  • Sourcing Ingredients- Farming, organics, origin
  • Transportation – Food miles, processing, storage during transport
  • Organizations/ Certifications – Organic, animal welfare, sustainable fishing, artificial food additives, Fair Trade
  • Packaging – sustainability, Innovation
  • Ethics
  • Equipment

Your sustainability statement should include:



10 marks
Research 10 marks


Content 20 marks


Discussion 20 marks


Sourcing and Ingredients 10 marks


Sustainability aspects identified 10 marks


Solutions and problem solving 10 marks


Conclusion & Reference 10 marks



You are required to complete the following sections:


Provide factual information and discuss the current food market in relation to health and nutrition from a business perspective, support your research with recent statistics, evidence and references. The research and discussion should support your product concept. Provide a costing report for your product and recipe. Compare the pricing to other products on the market.


Design a label suitable for the product that includes

  • Packaging design description / samples/ images
  • Logo design, Images
  • Font, design, styling, required information
  • Labelling including legal requirements


Identify the target market/s for your product and provide a detailed customer profile with a clear rational for the product. A brief marketing strategy should be included detailing the approach in which your company should market their product.

Promotion of product

Outline and discuss how the health benefits of your product can be promoted.

Provide a minimum of 3 examples of social media posts which would support the introduction of your product, for example a blog or Instagram post.

Discuss the current health food snack market business

Using financial, statistical and recent research


20 marks
Build the brand for your product  20 marks
Customer profile & rationale 20 marks
Promotion of Product 
Discuss and justify the methods of promotion you would chose for your product  20 marks
Create promotional material for your product 20 marks
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