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Developing a fund raising event for a charity: Comedy night.

Demonstrate an in depth knowledge and systematic understanding of
project management theory and tools linked to the planning of project
 Select and apply appropriate project management tools and techniques
for the purpose of effective planning of projects
Threshold standards In order to pass Assessment.

The Project Plan will include the use of Project Management tools and

You will need to:
 Adequately analyse the requirements of a given project planning task;
 Produce a satisfactory project plan based on appropriate project
management scheduling tools and techniques.

Note: Time: between 1 to 6 months (tolerance – +/- 2 weeks),
Cost: between £1000 to £75,000 (+/- 10%)

A good logical
structure is evident
Presentation of the
report and
readability are very
Good references
are used to support
the discussion.
A well-structured report,
where the arguments are
presented in a logical
Professional presentation
with excellent readability.
Wide range of high quality
references to support the discussion.

You should include the following:
 Business Case (Project Objectives & benefits; Overview of the
 Project team and their roles;
 Project stages and key deliverables
 Project time management (Work Breakdown Structure; Activity
List; Gantt Chart in MS Project; Network Diagram and Critical
 Budget (cost)
 Risk Log/Register
 Quality Plan.

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