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Produce a client facing professional style report including the following cost and contract management advice for the project.

This is the final assignment for the Project and Cost Control in construction, it requires to write a report that include 4 tasks (please look on the guidance notes attached).

The main requirements are to:
1. Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the principles of project and cost control in the context of the building surveyor’s role.
2. Identify the factors that can affect the cost of a building at both the pre-contract and post-contract stages and how to control costs by assessing design solutions and lifecycle costs.
3. Discuss procurement strategies and the processes used in contractor selection

Attached are the relevant materials that can be used for the tasks:
Task 1 – evaluation of cost advice (methods)
Task 2 – life cycle costs (NRM2)
Task 3 – contractor selection and contract administration – traditional method of procurement
Task 4 – advice on pricing changes + proposed solution to disagreement

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