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Delayed recovery at a deep, stratifying eutrophic lake: a palaeolimnological perspective

Focus on Rostherne Mere lake in the UK as a study site. Aim: write a short report, in the format of a scientific report or paper, using both field and
laboratory generated data and covering some of the relevant literature. Field data is uploaded below, should be used as tables and graphs (raw data is in excel files). Essay layout: introduction (indicate a clear understanding of the ecological changes brought about by eutrophication and how these are also affected by inlake processes), Methods and study site: study site (Rostherne Mere but can use literature on Shropshire-Cheshire Meres to supplement papers on Rostherne Mere), methods (section is straightforward and should be kept very brief. You can include
water column profiling using a YSI sonde (should you chose to show a O2/temperature profile), sediment coring, loss-on-ignition and methods for diatom preparation and analyses. Basically, just give a very short description of standard methods by reference to the relevant literature. Provide details of the papers from which you derive diatom ecological information, such as weighted averaging optima (TP optima)), results (These can include oxygen temperature profile(s); core stratigraphy (dry weight and losson-ignition, and importantly diatom data as figure(s)); and associated indices or summary profiles (PCA-1), Avoid ecological interpretation in the results section, save that for the discussion, include tables and figures.), discussion (Discuss your results/data in the context of the issues raised in the introduction. Are there any problems that should be considered? Use the literature to support your arguments and indicate where there are previous studies that made similar observations.), conclusion is optional. Try to cite John Anderson, John Smol, Helen Bennion.

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