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Race-gender intersectionality within Mamela Nyamza and Nelisiwe Xaba’s ‘The Last Attitude'(2015)

The aim of my research is based within intersectionality theory in order to analyse the race-gender intersectionality within the physical theatre piece ‘The Last Attitude’. Both these chapters need to be written in light of international considerations of intersectionality as well as African and South African discussions and contextualization of the topic and theory at hand.
The first chapter focuses on intersectionality theory, its background and initial applications, later with specific reference to the race-gender intersect as seen in black women and women of colour. The second chapter focuses on race and gender as social constructs and the two should the discussed largely in the context of South Africa. An important sub-section of this chapter is the discussion of race and racism in the context of South Africa. In this chapter race in the context of South Africa should be discussed in relation to the racism and the country’s history with oppressive system. Gender discussed in relation to tradition and the strong presence of patriarchy in the country. Finally the discussion should lead to conclude how the above mentioned factors collide in building race-gender intersectionality with regards to the discussion of the race-gender intersect in chapter one.

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