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The generation and economic importance of North Sea oil

It should be written as a scientific literature report. The literature report should focus on the British geology in he JURASSIC period. The sources used should be 100% come from scientific articles ( referenced at the end) related to my topic which is the generation and economic importance of North Sea oil. it should be a 3000 word literature report.
Note: It is important to avoid making the topic too narrow but equally important , it is important not to be too broad this will lack depth as a result.
The report must be in a form of a scientific paper NOT an essay, drawing on a varitey of literature sources to cover the chosen topic. The style must follow that of published papers (abstract, introduction, methods ,data ,discussion , conclusions and references) follow the layout and structure of journal of the geological society London. 90% of the information should be from peer-reviewed scientific paper. Attached is a guide please read the structure of the report. Include a maps may need to be included if you describe an area – All place names, features mentioned in the text should be located on relevant maps.
Note: The description of the geology is in the present tense and statements about geological events are past tense.Use first person only if you are expressing your own opinion.
*structure of the report*
– title page
-Abstract (100-250 words) , as it is the summary write this last
-Introduction: Use this to “set the scene” providing geographical background , geological setting and perhaps a history of the study. Avoid the introduction getting too long and make sure it does not overlap too much with later sections.
– Descriptive/Factual part
-Interpretive part: comparing models, discussing controversy, new correlations, recommendations etc
– Conclusion, summary- Emphasis conclusions, do not recyle abstract. State the main points that have Come out of the study.
– List of references( In alphabetical order by author). Use the style of the journal of the Geological scoitey of London.

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